Long Nguyen Duc

Long Nguyen Duc

Technical Leader / Software Engineer

Which information do you want to see? Anything, NodeJS / ReactJS, C#.Net / Oracle

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About me

A professional, proactive, and responsible software engineer.

I had 10 years working as a software engineer to build Finance softwares. Since 2017, I left my first company to work with more business domains, including: eCommerce, Tourism and F&B; and the technology that I choose.

Contact me

Long Nguyen Duc

Email: [email protected]

LinkedIn: longnd5

Skype: dragonnpoulp

StackOverflow: Long Nguyen

Github: dragonnpoulp

My work history

Full-stack Software Engineer

FPT Information System
August 2008 – 2012 · 3 years

Technical Leader

FPT Information System
2012 – July 2017 · 6 years

Chief Technology Officer

Datamart Solutions
July 2017 – Mar 2018 · 8 months

Full-stack Software Engineer

NFQ Asia
April 2018 – June 2019 · a year

Full-stack Software Engineer / Consultant / Advisor

June 2019 – now · 5 years

My skills

I'd like to work with the technologies that I love.

Currently, they are NodeJS, ReactJS especially with GraphQL. Even though, I worked with C#.Net/Oracle for years.

I can teach, help developers, technical guys, but I'm not good to manage them. So, I'm sorry if you want a manager.


When I'd love a technology, I can read and learning about it. Sometime, accidentally, I have to learn something that I'm not willing to learn for work's requirement (for example: Java, Mathlab, Python).


In projects, I can review the team mate's works like code, design. I always try to explain clearly to them if the works have any problem (for example: in code style, function flow, security issues).

Problem solving

I work with teams to solve the problems. I will try with the standard way first by researching how the big company does it. But, it's not everytime, sometime rarely, I need to suggest with the team my self solution.


The most favourite backend technology that I'm working now. It helps me to build amazing GraphQL server, in a recorded time.

NodeJS with serverless, microservices

I have used NodeJS for many projects since 2017. I used library/frameworks likes: SailJS, ExpressJS, NextJS...


The first choise that I will use to build the Frontend application. I already work with some libraries like: emotion/styled-component, react-spring, material-ui, antd...

Angular 1.3

I used this framework for the first modern web application project that called FPT.WebSmartCore. It brings me to Javascript, NodeJS ecosystem, and the open source world.


I worked with this database about 8 years. I used it to design database, develop PL/SQL store procedures.


I used it to build a smart, flexible solution that we called FPT.SmartCore. It widely used in many projects in FPT Information System since clients can quickly see what you want after an hour or a day of development.


I used this technology in EXO Connect project, and then Flavorwiki.


I'm using it with my two last projects as the primary databases of Hasura GraphQL APIs.


I worked with many tools like Redis, RappidMQ, MySQL, Couchbase, Solr, Matlab, Adobe Flex...to build the complex architecture while developing the products.

My projects

Technical Architect, Freelancer · SoBanHang

@Finan · June 2021 – now · 3 years

Senior Software Architect, Freelancer · Flavorwiki

@Flavorwiki · May 2020 – November 2020 · 6 months

Technical Leader · Powersell.net

@Datamart Solutions · 2017 – 2018 · a year

Full-stack Software Engineer · EXO Connect

@NFQ Asia · 2018 – June 2019 · a year

Solo Developer · School Attendance System

Jan 2021 – now · 4 years

Solo Developer · Magikpic

May 2021 – now · 3 years

Technical Leader · FPT.SmartCore

@FPT Information System · 2010 – July 2017 · 8 years

Technical Leader · FPT.WebSmartCore

@FPT Information System · July 2017 – March 2018 · 8 months

Full-stack Software Engineer · Live securities price board

@FPT Information System · January 2009 – September 2009 · 8 months

Full-stack Software Engineer · APEC Securities Online Trading System

@FPT Information System · 2009 – 2010 · a year

My weakness

Nobody want others know their weakness, me too. But I think you'd want to know it, because you have many other choices that maybe fit much than me. Takes your time.


I'm an English learner. I can speak, listen, write and read, enough to work.

I'm actively learning from 2017, and still improving my skills, and hope you can read everyline of this resume without any misunderstanding. I'd love if your company offers a bucket for English leaner like me.

Multi tasking

I'm a concentrated person. Unfortunately, I can not work with multi tiny tasks; I can manage it by divide my time to work with a task at a time.